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[Style] When a certain time passes after the printing starts, it makes noise, and no filament comes out.

[Style] What is the difference between the 210F and the 220C model?

[Style] It has been reached the temperature, but it does not load.

[Style] The filament is not attached to the bed.

[Style] The bed makes a noise whenever it moves.

[Style] There is an error message (Printer Model Error).

[Style] There is a difference between modeling and output.

[Style] An STL file made with 123D design is not open at Cubicator3 368.

[Style] The message, Read Error, is displayed.

[Style] I want to remove the filament fitted.

[Style] The filament keeps twisting in the filament box.

[Style] The auto-leveling error occurs even after surface treatment.

[Style] After successful auto-leveling, the auto-leveling error is re-occurring when the operation starts.

[Style] There is an interference between the bed and the nozzle after the output started.

[Style] The output does not start because of an auto-leveling error.