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Why Cubicon 3DP?

Endless Growth Through Aggressive Investment
Supplying more than 8,000 units meansthat many customers in Korea already recognize the excellence of CUBICON products in the market. As the market flows, CUBICON will confidently step out into the world markets by continuing to roll out new products that add up the advanced technology.
Unique High Quality
CUBICON takes the lead in applying market-leading technology to 3D printers. Only the CUBICON 3D printer can achieve the precision of the working mock-up level.
FFF Type 3D Printer · An accurate output in one layer unit by weight measuring type Bed Auto Leveling
· With the specially coated heating bed, it ensures the output is clearly separated from the bed and minimizes a post-process work
· It achieves the same quality even though it prints out various types of materials with one extrude
DLP Type 3D Printer · The dedicated UV LED reflector allows precise output without distortion in all output areas
· The precise position control applied the ball screw and the LM Guide enables precise output of 65μm
· The dedicated UV lamp allows fast output with an abundant light amount
SLA Type 3D Printer · It implements high-speed, precise printing with the self-developed Spot Size Change System
· It is equipped with the tilt calibration function with the self-developed Auto- Collimator
· It ensures the output quality and reliability with precise Recoater Auto Leveling
Easy and Convenient Use for Anyone
It is not a great product if it is hard to learn and hard to use. The CUBICON 3D printer is designed to make it easy and convenient to use for all of us who are nonprofessional.
· It is easy to maintain with the replaceable extruder and exchangeable nozzles
· USB / Wifi / Ethernet data transfer facilitates an easy output
· With a material sensing system, it automatically stops and reconnects when the material is exhausted to reduce output time and minimize material waste
· With the NFC technology, it prevents consumer's output errors
· It includes the CUBICON dedicated Slicer SW that is usable from beginners to professionals
· Intuitive UI via the touch LCD makes it easy for everyone to operate and output products
High Safety
Schools that have strict standards are using CUBICON products. CUBICON pursuits that users utilize 3D printers safely and healthily without worrying about noise, smell, and environment.
· The chamber structure with the built-in aluminum body ensures quality and low noise
· With a triple clean filter, it blocks harmful gas, dust, and smell generated in printing
· Acquired major domestic and international certifications (CE, KC, FCC, UL, and others) (* it is different by product)
Rapid and Accurate Maintenance
In addition to providing information through various channels to help users continuously utilize the 3D printer, skilled maintenance engineers offer technical support.
· We provide problem diagnosis and maintenance services through domestic and overseas authorized agents (Netherlands, Singapore, USA, Canada, and others)
· We provide online technical guides and easy DIY maintenance service videos by product
· We provide hardware, softsare and firmware update services